War veterans can get help for their addiction at Alfa-Fredensborg.

A not insignificant number of traumatised veterans have developed addictions to various drugs in order to function in everyday life. Many of them use the drugs to relieve nightmares, aggression and general anxiety. Many of them are diagnosed with PTSD and they are often unable to come out of the addiction themselves.

We have met them here at Alfa-Fredensborg where they have been detoxified and subsequently undergone therapy in groups and in individual sessions with the psychologist and psychiatrist. The experience we have gained together with our collaboration with Terence T Gorski has given us valuable knowledge about what can help the veteran. With this information, we have designed a programme specifically for this target group:

  1. Early recovery (days) – focus on stress reduction / mindfulness / meditation / group guided relaxation and similar.
  2. Intermediate stage (day and day treatment) – PTSD psychoeducation
  3. Late recovery (day and outpatient) – specific PTSD treatment group/cognitive individual/EMDR

The length of treatment is proposed to be 3 months of day treatment followed by 8 months of day and outpatient treatment. In severe cases, outpatient treatment can be extended for a number of years after the end of day treatment.