MBRP mindfulness-based addiction treatment

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Mindfulness-based addiction treatment and relapse prevention

Mindfulness is not a state, it is a skill, an ability to pay attention in a certain way. Mindfulness is a conscious decision to be present in the moment without judgment, striving for anything and with an acceptance of what you encounter.

At Alfa Fredensborg you have the opportunity to practice this skill/awareness for morning yoga and mindfulness in the afternoon and as something brand new we also offer MBRP group. In the MBRP group, we train our mindfulness skills with relapse prevention in mind.

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MBRP stands for “Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention”

MBRP is a well-documented and recognised training programme for people with addiction problems. MBRP is a carefully designed treatment programme that equips you to be more present and aware in your life. You practise your presence on your body, your breath and your thoughts.

The aim of MBRP training is to increase your awareness of triggers and habitual responses, to develop a new relationship with these experiences and to learn concrete skills for use in high-risk situations.

You will have the opportunity to gain insight into how your thoughts, feelings, actions and addiction interact, that you have a choice and an opportunity to step out of autopilot when cravings and discomfort arise. MBRP training gives you relapse-prevention tools and skills that you can take with you into the future.

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MRBP drug treatment at Alfa

The MBRP group is an open group with continuous intake

Held Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00

The target group is people in outpatient treatment, day treatment or residential treatment. All addictions are welcome (gambling, food, alcohol and drugs).

MBRP teaching is provided by Alfas Yoga and Mindfulness teacher who is a trained MBRP instructor. You will be given a folder with teaching material and there will be “homework” between sessions.

If you are enrolled at Alfa Fredensborg, your homework is to attend morning yoga and mindfulness 2 – 3 times a week and record your experiences with this.

If you are in outpatient treatment, your homework is to listen to audio files 2 – 3 times a week and record your experiences with this.

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The form of teaching is mindfulness-based

We will practice our sense of awareness together by doing mindfulness exercises and meditations as a group and then sharing what we experience.

The teaching framework has a metacognitive approach with an exploratory and curious dialogue about what we experience. We therefore do not comment and judge each other’s experiences in the group but listen respectfully and compassionately to each other’s experiences and try to meet what we experience in our own bodies and minds with openness and acceptance.

It would be a good idea if you wear loose-fitting clothes, as we will sometimes do mindful/attentive movements on yoga mats.

Please bring a warm sweater and a water bottle😊 Alfa has yoga mats and blankets and you are welcome to go to our cafe and drink coffee/eat fruit/roll during the breaks 😊

If you have any questions, please contact your therapist.

In 2022 there will be 4 weeks of classes, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 – 12.15

Do you have questions about MBRP?

Do you have an addiction yourself or are you a relative of an addict? Do you have questions about addiction treatment at Alfa-Fredensborg or need advice about alcohol or drug abuse?

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MBRP addiction treatment