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Alfa-Fredensborg Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre offers professional alcohol treatment on Zealand and has helped thousands of addicts in treatment since 2003. At our alcohol counselling service, you can find help to cope with alcoholism in the family and at work. In this way, you – both as an addict and as a family member – can have a new and better life without alcohol.

On this page you can read more about alcohol counselling and how a counselling session can be the first step on the road out of addiction.

When is it time to seek alcohol counselling?

When contacting alcohol counselling, it is common that one of your first questions is: When are you an alcoholic?

The question sometimes comes from addicts who hope they still have the problem under control. But it also often comes from relatives who want to make sure they are doing the right thing – either because they hope the addict is not an alcoholic or because they seek confirmation that he or she is.

A person who has developed alcohol abuse will typically experience a range of symptoms. Therefore, there are several signs to look for when identifying alcohol abuse.

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Alcohol counselling

Signs of alcohol abuse

Although everyone is different, some of the signs of alcohol abuse are quite similar. Here are the three main signs that a person has an alcohol addiction and should seek counselling:


It’s hard to control how much and how often you drink


One’s drinking has negative consequences – both for the person who drinks and for his or her family and other relatives


You continue to drink even if you have promised to limit or stop your alcohol consumption

These three signs are directly linked to alcohol consumption and are therefore both significant and relatively easy to notice.

However, there are many other signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse.

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When you contact the alcohol counselling at Alfa-Fredensborg, we go through several signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse together.

It gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and observations, as well as get advice and suggestions for solutions to the problem.

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Who needs alcohol counselling?

When you contact the alcohol counselling at Alfa-Fredensborg, you have the opportunity to:

  • Support, advice and guidance in dealing with alcohol abuse
  • Help to plan an intervention
  • Information about alcohol treatment on Zealand

Therefore, it is not only the addict who can benefit from alcohol counselling. Alcohol abuse also has a significant impact on the people with whom the addict is involved – be it family, friends or work relationships.

Below you can read more about how Alfa-Fredensborg’s alcohol counselling can help both the addict and the relatives whose everyday life is affected by the addiction.

Confidential and anonymous alcohol counselling for the addict

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that you have an alcohol addiction. Therefore, if you are unsure whether you have developed an addiction that requires treatment, seeking professional advice is a great first step.

No matter when you decide it’s time to seek counselling, you can always call the alcohol counselling service at Alfa-Fredensborg on +45 48 40 40 60. Our phone is open around the clock.

When you call the Alcohol Counselling Service, you won’t be met with condemnation or raised eyebrows – quite the opposite.

Our advisors understand your thoughts and situation. We see alcohol abuse as a kind of “solution” to deal with various complex issues in life. When this “solution” is no longer necessary, it becomes possible for you to live without problems with alcohol.

At Alfa-Fredensborg you can also be sure that the alcohol counselling is anonymous, confidential and non-binding. So you can have a no-obligation consultation with a counsellor to help you decide which type of alcohol rehabilitation is right for your situation.

Alcohol counselling and treatment on Zealand

Alfa-Fredensborg alcohol counselling is open around the clock. So feel free to call us for a no-obligation consultation with a professional advisor. If you need more guidance, the conversation can also be supplemented with an in-depth meeting at our treatment centre in North Zealand.

We understand that although addicts share a common addiction problem, no two people are the same. That’s why we always work hard to tailor both counselling and treatment to the needs of the individual – and that goes for both addicts and their relatives.

Do you have questions about alcohol treatment on Zealand, or do you want to know more about how Alfa-Fredensborg’s alcohol counselling can help you as an addict or a relative of an addict? Call us on tel. +45 48 40 40 60 at any time of the day or night.

You can also send us an email at We look forward to helping you.

Professional alcohol counselling for relatives

It’s not easy being a relative of an alcohol abuser. It can be painful to watch the person’s addiction slowly take over, and frustrating not to know how best to help them out of their addiction. That’s why Alfa-Fredensborg also offers alcohol counselling to relatives.

A counselling session can help you work out how best to deal with the addict’s drinking and motivate them to seek help.

You’ll get free support, advice and professional guidance on how best to help the addict recognise and tackle their problem. In this way, you will be in the best position to motivate the addict to seek alcohol treatment.

Whenever you decide that you can no longer be solely responsible for the dependent, please feel free to contact Alfa-Fredensborg. We are ready to help you get the addict into alcohol treatment on Zealand.


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Alcohol advice for employers and companies

It is not only the next of kin who are affected by addiction. If you have an employee at work who drinks too much, it affects both their performance at work and their relationship with colleagues.

As an employer, dealing with an employee’s substance abuse problems can be cross-cutting and difficult. Therefore, Alfa-Fredensborg also offers alcohol counselling to companies and employers.

Our advice can help you tackle the problem in a professional way at company level. You will receive guidance on how to plan an intervention so that the conversation runs as smoothly and constructively as possible. We also offer individual counselling to the employee who has the addiction problem.

Our counsellors can also advise you on how best to organise alcohol treatment for your situation. The employee is therefore still able to do his or her job while undergoing treatment.

You also have the opportunity to get answers to questions about:

  • Alcohol policy in the workplace
  • Treatment agreements between company and employee
  • Tax-free financing of alcohol treatment
  • Financing treatment through health insurance

You are therefore in the best position to deal with the employee’s problem and help him or her get back on track.

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