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Receive alcohol and addiction treatment together

It is now possible for couples to receive addiction treatment together with their partner at Alfa-Fredensborg. As a couple in treatment, you will be part of the treatment community, just like the other residents.

During the stay, the couple will be offered to work therapeutically on their relationship. while undergoing the relapse prevention treatment Alfa offers. The parties must be willing to work on their dependency both individually and together in their relationship.

On arrival at the detox, the couple will be given a double room where they will stay together throughout their treatment. Should one of the parties be downsized before the other, this will have no impact on their room situation.

Our experience with this form of treatment is positive and we have several successful courses behind us. There may be a tendency for a couple to isolate themselves from the rest of the treatment if they fear being separated. That is why we have chosen to let all couples live together during the whole process, as it causes the least friction and helps to ensure that the couple benefits from the therapists at Alfa-Fredensborg.

Treatment separately, together

The parties will each be assigned an addiction counsellor. Treatment plans will be developed for the individual and a relationship plan will be put in place. In the first part of the treatment, the focus will be on relapse prevention addiction treatment for couples and there will usually be family and couple counselling. In the later part of addiction treatment, there will be further focus on the relationship, the future, the housing situation and the ability to maintain the close relationship.

It is known that when a couple lives in abusive environments, there is an increased risk of dysfunction in the relationship with the partner. These dysfunctions are different from couple to couple, therefore the therapy will also be different. We often use our psychologist to do the difficult, therapeutic talking with couples in treatment.

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Couples in treatment together

When a couple breaks up

Sometimes the couple dissolves their relationship during the course of their treatment.In such situations, it will be possible for both parties to remain in treatment.

If the couple wishes to live separately, but still keep the relationship, this is also possible at Alfa-Fredensborg.

It is agreed in advance with the cooperation partner that the authorisation of one of the parties can be transferred to another suitable treatment centre if one of the parties so wishes.

Children in treatment with their mother and father

Children of infant age can live with their mother and father in addiction treatment. This usually happens if the mother is pregnant and gives birth during her stay or the child is under nursery age.

The parents will have the child as the primary focus during their stay and they participate in family conversations with the psychologist, the educators and their therapist.

If the child is in foster care, they can visit mum and dad while they are in addiction treatment.

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This can be both in the form of outpatient treatment, where the user can stay at home during the process. Or it may be in the form of residential treatment if the addiction is severe.

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