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At Alfa, relatives are important for recovery

Being close to an addict can be very hard, whether the person has a drug addiction, alcohol addiction or cannabis addiction. Many completely overlook this issue and the need for help for those close to them. Once the addict has entered treatment, the relatives are left to fend for themselves. It often creates major problems in family relationships that only one party has undergone personal development and it also creates an increased risk of relapse for the addict.

To meet this obvious need, Alfa-Fredensborg has ensured that ALL relatives can sign up for our free courses.

In many cases, it can be very helpful for the whole family to get help and start in the groups BEFORE the addict starts treatment. The family suffers at least as much and often gets ready to seek help before the addict does. When the family gets help and acquires more knowledge about addiction, it will also influence the addict to stop his/her addiction earlier than otherwise.

Lonely addicts and their relatives

Are you a relative of an addict? Then you are definitely not well.

Worries, stress, shame and frustration fill your everyday life and destroy your relationship. With the help of our caregiver support, you’ll find your way back to yourself, your values and most importantly, your self-care.

Many relatives are incredibly lonely. This is because they often feel they have to hide the reality that a person they care about is an abuser. Loneliness is a mixture of many emotions. So behind it often lie shame, guilt, frustration, stress, fear, worry, lack of understanding and much more. And the amazing thing is – that many relatives go through the same feelings, but for different reasons!

Help for relatives: get help for the whole family now

It is completely free to participate in our family offer

– And you don’t have to be a patient or have a relative in our care to get help!

If you are a relative of an addict and have questions about addiction to cannabis, drugs or alcohol, you are welcome to contact us anonymously on tel. 48 40 40 60.

We offer you guidance and counselling tailored to your and your family’s situation, whether your relative is addicted to drugs or has an alcohol abuse problem. Problems and issues related to addiction are often the same, and together we will clarify the type of help you need.

We have extensive experience in effective addiction treatment, so we know how important it is to involve parents, children, siblings, partners and other relatives in the addict’s treatment.

Free help for relatives

Are you a relative of an addict and not sure if you want help?
Contact our department for relatives and have a no-obligation chat.

We offer among others:

  • Individual conversations
  • Group sessions
  • Family conversations.
relative of addict

You are not alone as a family member

If you think you are alone with your problem, you are wrong!

Most relatives of an alcoholic or a drug addict find it embarrassing that one of their close relatives has developed an addiction. This can make relatives wait a long time before seeking help. You can safely contact us anonymously and we will guide you on what you can do.

We have more than 20 years of experience in helping addicts and their families. We always have several of our employees in training to keep our target;

To provide the best possible care to addicts and their families.

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Taboo to be a relative of an addict

Even though there are thousands of carers in Denmark, being a carer is still an incredibly big taboo – in fact as big a taboo as being an addict. Unfortunately, this taboo means that many people don’t talk about how they feel – which is why support for relatives is so important.

At Alfa we have free carer therapy. It consists of the relatives group which is group therapy every Monday. It may sound scary, but in reality we are a few people sharing experiences.

At Alfa, the group managers are trained to support and help, but they will never tell you what you, as a relative, SHOULD do. We do not believe in that approach.

Our philosophy and experience tell us that what works for one, is not guaranteed to work for another.

And one thing is certain: We humans rarely do what others tell us to. We do what we are motivated to do. This applies to addicts, their relatives and everyone else.

Family counselling for relatives of addicts

If you live with an addict who is getting help, without the man himself getting any help, you risk making the relationship even more difficult. It is difficult to develop together if one is standing still. There are usually also a lot of feelings of both shame. betrayal, frustration, loneliness, guilt and shame that swing back and forth between you. Those feelings need to be addressed so you can clear them up. Things we don’t talk about tend to get in the way of our relationships.

Co-dependent and relatives

The relatives can easily forget themselves and thus some of them become decisive co-abusers. That is, a condition where they help addicts to enable an addiction purely because they don’t like to see their loved ones suffer – Usually they don’t think about it and the co-abuse is thus something that happens over time.

At the same time, many relatives abuse themselves by exceeding their own limits of what they will accept and tolerate. It happens without you noticing and that’s why it’s so important to put words to the process and preferably with an outsider who doesn’t have opinions or emotions in a pinch.

It also makes it much easier to say all the hard things. It can be: “I sometimes wish I wasn’t related to XX because the abuse destroys so much.” That sentence is not mean, strange or cold. It is just bottom honest and that is exactly what we dare to be in our caregiver therapy.

Are you a relative of an addict?

Are you a relative of an addict? So call us today and find out how we can help you.

By taking care of yourself and becoming happier and less stressed, you also end up helping the abuser you care about.

Call us without obligation on 48 40 40 60.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Family therapy

An effective tool to prevent emotions from getting out of control when you are a relative of an addict.

Free help for relatives of addicts

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Our carers programme ensures that the whole family has the opportunity to get help.

There is a family group every Monday from 15.30 to 18.00.

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