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What is drug treatment?

Drug treatment is a way for an addict, with the right counselling, to break free from their addiction and at the same time get the right tools to move on to a drug-free life.

In the following, you can learn more about intoxicants and get help with drug treatment.

What are intoxicants?

Narcotics are addictive substances, most of which are euphoriants or produce a high when taken. Several prescription medicines can be used as intoxicants, on an equal footing with alcohol and illegal drugs. Among the most well-known intoxicants are:

  • Hash
  • Heroin
  • Amphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opioids such as Oxycontin or Fentanyl

Of course, there are many other forms of intoxicants.

For example, many citizens, especially in the younger age group, use laughing gas as an intoxicant. And there are several hard drugs on the market that are not listed here.

Is alcohol an intoxicant?

Alcohol is an intoxicant – and one of the most problematic. Alcohol is an easily available intoxicant in Denmark and is also highly addictive.

Therefore, there are many hundreds of thousands of Danish citizens with problematic alcohol consumption, many of whom are in direct need of treatment.

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What is abuse?

Addiction is when you have become dependent on a drug and cannot stop taking it despite your wishes.

Abuse manifests itself by overriding reason and desire and consideration for other people and needs.

Is nicotine an intoxicant?

Nicotine, like alcohol, is an intoxicant that is easily available in retail outlets.

However, nicotine rarely leads to addiction, which, like alcohol and drug abuse, requires help in an addiction centre.

Is snus an intoxicant?

Like cigarettes, snus is used to add nicotine to the body.

Therefore, snus is also an intoxicant – but as with cigarettes, heavy consumption of snus rarely leads to outright addiction requiring treatment.

What is drug treatment?

Drug treatment is a method of treating abuse and addiction.

Drug treatment gives people with addictions a chance to break free and the right help to get back on track. In many cases, addiction treatment will be necessary.

For example, for a person suffering from long-term alcohol abuse, help with detoxification under supervised conditions will be required to get through the worst withdrawals safely.

And the same is true for a hard-drug addict who wants to create a drug-free life.

How does drug treatment work?

Drug treatment will typically begin with a detoxification or detoxification, where the toxic substances are purged from the system. This is necessary to be successful in alcohol and drug treatment.

Detoxification will be followed up with either outpatient drug treatment or inpatient treatment, depending on the needs and wishes of the addict.

In many cases, it is important to get the addict away from his or her environment and from the municipality in which the person lives in order to distance him or herself from the temptations that lurk there.

Here you can read the stories of some of the brave people who have been treated by us

Who can get drug treatment?

Anyone suffering from addiction will be able to access drug treatment – and will most likely benefit from it.

The general practitioner can refer the addicted person for treatment at an addiction centre, which makes it possible to obtain financial support for drug treatment.

Many caseworkers and staff in a municipality also help their citizens and clients to get treatment in a place that suits them. There is freedom of choice.

You can also go to an addiction centre as an addict or as a relative and get drug treatment for a fee. You can get anonymous advice about drug treatment at Alfa Fredensborg.

How long are you in drug treatment?

The length of time spent in drug treatment depends very much on the duration and nature of the addiction.

A long-term addiction that has led to a strong dependency requires correspondingly longer and more intensive withdrawal.

Here it will usually be necessary to start with day treatment, after which outpatient follow-up will make sense.

Get anonymous advice on the type of treatment at Alfa Fredensborg.

Does drug treatment work?

Drug treatment works if it is individually tailored to each patient.

Successful drug treatment is based on the type and duration of the addiction and the patient’s personal needs and wishes.

Research shows that mindfulness-based addiction treatment is extremely effective and that’s exactly part of the programme here at Fredensborg.

What drugs can you get addiction treatment for?

You can get addiction treatment for virtually any type of substance.

Whether you’re addicted to alcohol, cannabis, hard drugs or prescription medicines, there’s a drug treatment that’s right for you.

Where is the treatment centre?

The Alfa Fredensborg treatment centre is located close to Fredensborg Castle in scenic North Zealand.

Contact Alfa Fredensborg for anonymous advice on drug treatment.

Can you get anonymous help?

Yes you can always get anonymous help and of course we are also bound by confidentiality so you can be safe and remain anonymous.


Implementation rate

  • Women 29% 29%
  • Men 71% 71%

Citizens in addiction treatment since 2003

How to get into drug treatment?

You can get drug treatment, including alcohol treatment and addiction treatment, through your doctor.

Your doctor may refer you to treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction. With a doctor’s referral, it is possible to obtain a subsidy for the treatment.

You can also contact us on your own, either as a family member or as an addict, and ask for drug treatment in Copenhagen.

What does drug treatment cost?

The price of drug treatment in Fredensborg depends on the type and duration of treatment.

Contact Alfa Fredensborg for anonymous substance abuse treatment and inquire about the current price of substance abuse treatment. We always advise, spar and help!

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