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Alcohol problems destroy people.

Both the addict and the relatives.

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Alcohol problems mean that you have a problem with alcohol. The degree of the problem may vary. You are not in control of your alcohol consumption when you suffer from alcohol problems.
Degrees may vary. Some have very big and destructive problems while others are at the opposite end and will be able to relatively painlessly saddle up and create a life without alcohol problems and where alcohol problems are not what rules.

Alcohol problems and alcohol consumption

How much alcohol you consume can be indicative of your level of addiction.

With a steady and even intake, the body develops a form of residency and your alcohol tolerance increases. This is one of the hallmarks of alcohol dependence and suffering from alcohol problems.

Addiction and abuse are insidious because you don’t become an addict or alcoholic overnight. On the other hand, once you suffer from addiction, it takes hold.

Alcohol problems and antabuse

Some alcoholics kick their addiction by taking the drug antabuse.

It is a dissolvable tablet prescribed by a doctor and taken by many people in the doctor’s office. Antabuse works by making you physically ill if you consume alcohol at the same time.

At Alfa, we believe that antabuse should not be the only treatment for alcohol problems. We always believe that addictions should be treated thoroughly and with an approach that is cause-focused and resolving. That is, antabuse is perfectly fine as long as it is backed up by therapeutic support.

Your alcohol problems are your problem

When you come to Alfa-Fredensborg and get help to deal with your overuse and addiction, our focus is always that you are an independent competent person and you are therefore treated as such.

We meet your needs, support and help you but we don’t tell you how to deal with your problems. We ask questions and make you rethink many things and gain insights into yourself, your actions and patterns. This equips you to master your challenges yourself, as it is the only long-term solution.

Therefore, a large part of our treatment is based on self-insight and personal responsibility.

How do alcohol problems affect relatives?

Alcohol problems affect not only you, but your whole social circle. Your relatives also suffer from your consumption and usually much more than you think.

When you suffer from alcohol dependence, lies, lies and disappointments are often part of your daily life and your loved ones can’t help but suffer. Lies are a constant companion in life with an overuse of alcohol.

At Alfa, we offer free counselling to relatives of people with alcohol problems. We do this because we know how painful it is to be a relative. Even though the abuse is not theirs, the problems become a regular part of their lives.

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Denial of alcohol problems

Many alcoholics deny they have problems. It is a mixture of many not seeing themselves as alcoholics, but often denying their use before getting help.

Many people who start treatment do not see themselves as alcoholics and see themselves as very different from anyone else who drinks too much.

The truth is that everyone with alcohol addiction has in common that they drink too much.

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