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Cooperation between the resident, the municipality, the addiction centre, the employer and us is a top priority. We see ourselves as subcontractors to the municipality and we are often the ones who help with detailed information about the citizen’s problems so that the municipality can make decisions about future course.

All residents have a counsellor at Alfa-Fredensborg. This counsellor is considered the liaison between the doctor, psychologist, social worker, treatment assistants, municipality and other partners. The counsellor “stands” with the resident and navigates through personal problems and the case process towards the goal, discharge.

Here on this website is all the information needed to run a successful course. Descriptions of the weekly schedules for the different enrolment phases, method descriptions, rules, documents for enrolment, price lists with co-payment amounts, pictures and contact information.

We use this site as our primary source of information and what is written on these pages is what is current. We update this site about once a month with various additions and corrections. Residents can always see the current rules and forms here and partners can find staff information.

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