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Downsizing includes several things

Aphasia – Reduction – Stabilisation – Care treatment – Detoxification.

Need help tapering off? Here at Alfa Fredensborg you can get help with detoxification, de-escalation and stabilisation.

Among other things, we offer help with alcohol, opiate and nerve pill withdrawal.

How treatment and tapering work

There will be a thorough interview about the frequency and amount of drug intake.

It’s important for your doctor to get a holistic picture of your addiction, as some substances offset or reinforce each other. Most often there will be a medical record from the visiting authority that is being worked on.

The first days will be about stabilisation. A taper is only started when the person is stable in their medication dose.

Individualised tapering

The resident has a say in planning the tapering schedule and, where staff also consider it helpful, may “pause” their taper and stay on the same dose for a few days. It is not possible to be increased in dose during a taper.

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Completing their detoxification

  • Women 29% 29%
  • Men 71% 71%

Citizens in addiction treatment since 2003

A good course of treatment can take a long time

In our experience, a good course of treatment requires a good and slow tapering, as we estimate that too many people end their treatment prematurely, due to the instability that results from a “too fast” tapering.

Therefore, benzodiazepine tapering in particular is done with great care, as the brain takes a long time to rebuild its natural function after (even brief) exposure to these drugs.

We therefore often recommend a longer tapering of these drugs than clients themselves feel is right.

Reduction of medicines prescribed by a doctor

Those clients who are prescribed psychotropic drugs can continue the dose prescribed by the doctor.

We do not start tapering of psychotropic drugs without the resident’s request and tapering is always planned with collaborators and under the supervision of our psychiatrist.

This only takes place when the resident is stable in his or her treatment process.

It is possible at Alfa-Fredensborg, both to be stepped down and stabilized

Sometimes the purpose of the stay is to stabilise on a desired dose of methadone or subutex without side effects. It is also possible to be downgraded and stabilised, and then transferred to other institutions around the country.

We place great emphasis on individual conversations as a tool to process problems and emotions while the resident is in this vulnerable phase of treatment.

We are able to receive residents in a continuous intake and we can pick up all over the country with a few hours notice in emergency situations.

Use of medicines in tapering

Methadone and Subutex are used for opiate withdrawal. For nerve pills, Risolid (benzodiazepines) is usually used as a tapering medication.

Alcohol is often medicated with Klopoxid or Risolid.

Our detoxification has proven to be very effective and more than 90% of clients complete this part of the treatment on schedule.

“I came on Alfa, and probably wasn’t quite ready to go for total abstinence.

After a small relapse, I realised how much I needed it and decided to go all in.

As a result, I completed 3 months with enormous benefits, good friends and equipped for the future”.

(Former resident)