Support for ending prostitution

In collaboration with the Danish Social Welfare Agency, we are offering extra support and counselling to our residents who have prostitution challenges from 1 September 2017 to 1 September 2019. The target group is people who have experience of selling sexual services and who want to improve their life situation and possibly. wants a prostitution exit. If you are in treatment at Alfa-Fredensborg or Alfa Copenhagen and sell sexual services to gain access to drugs, money and material goods, for example, you can receive these additional services alongside and after your addiction treatment:

– Additional consultations with a psychologist, therapist, therapist or equivalent.
– Long-term support with a contact person based on the CTI method.
– Debt counselling.
– Group therapy and networking activities.
– Referral to relevant aid organisations.

Prostitution is a complex phenomenon and can take place on many different levels, but for many there are serious physical, psychological and social harms. Many sex workers have experienced childhood neglect and sexual abuse, and may need to work through such trauma through therapy, as well as longer-term support, in order to leave prostitution and improve their quality of life.

Contact your Alfa-Fredensborg or Alfa Copenhagen therapist if you would like these additional services. For questions about the project, please contact project manager Jeanette Lindén at or 48404060.

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CTI stands for Critical Time Intervention and has proven to be an effective tool in social work with e.g. prostitution challenged or homeless people. The method is based on the participants’ own wishes and needs and creates a holistic approach through a permanent support person. The aim is to improve the citizens’ current life situation and possibly to help them with a prostitution exit. If you want to read more about CTI programmes for citizens with experience of prostitution, you can read this evaluation.