The rules for residents at Alfa-Fredensborg

In order to ensure calm for your treatment and at the same time give you the best opportunity to keep in touch with family and good friends, we have designed a set of rules to support a safe treatment environment.

This combination of guidelines gives you maximum security, freedom and drug-free travel.

We believe in freedom under responsibility and in that way there is much that you are in control of.

You should always follow these guidelines

  • You must always follow the instructions of the staff, both inside the house and during activities outside the house.
  • Remember to sign out in the guest book when you have to leave the house for shopping or other things.
  • Smoking of cigarettes, e-cigarettes or other forms of tobacco is only allowed in the smoking booths and outdoors.
  • Your phone should be on silent when there are shared activities.
  • Do not borrow or gamble money.


The following will result in the termination of the programme

  • Possession or consumption of intoxicants in the house.
  • Violence and threats of violence. (the same rules apply as in the rest of society at Alfa)


Visit to Alfa

You can visit every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays between 2pm and 5pm. During your visit you can walk with your guests up to Fredensborg Town or go on a short excursion in the surrounding area. Your visitors may only stay on the ground floor, in the garden or in the Café. No visitors in the rooms.

Visitors must be sober and drug-free. Staff must be informed of your visits.


Exit and meeting

You are free to go shopping and take walks in the surrounding area.

By arrangement with your contact person, you can go on weekends and outings without having to be accompanied by others. You have the option to go on weekend as often as it benefits you.


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