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Addiction centre with day and residential treatment

Alfa-Fredensborg’s addiction centre in North Zealand started in 2003. Since then, we have treated thousands of addicts, the vast majority of whom have completed their course of treatment.

We see addiction as a kind of “solution” to deal with various complex issues in life. When you no longer need this “solution”, it becomes possible to live a better life without problems with drugs or alcohol.

Below you can read more about how Alfa-Fredensborg’s addiction treatment centre can help addicts and the families of addicts on their way to a life without addiction.

Alfa-Fredensborg Rehabilitation Centre is approved for treatment under: SEL § 101, § 107, § 110 and SUL § 141.

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Effective help for substance abuse

Professional addiction treatment centre focusing on the individual.

Alfa-Fredensborg’s addiction centre is located just outside Fredensborg town in northern Zealand. Our professional therapists offer both detox and drug-free treatment – and we also help with stabilisation and care during treatment.

At Alfa-Fredensborg, we know that it is crucial for a successful course of treatment that it is adapted to the individual’s situation and challenges. That’s why our skilled, professional and experienced therapists always make sure to tailor the treatment to the individual’s unique needs.

Specially adapted treatment programmes

Our treatment team has a wide range of skills. In particular, we have extensive experience in helping double-burdened addicts who have problems with, for example: PTSD, Crime, Prostitution, Abuse issues, Depression, Anxiety.

With us, you are guaranteed a programme that suits your individual situation.

Looking for help and treatment?

Get help to make the big decision to seek treatment

From years of experience, we know that the decision to seek treatment for an addiction problem is both cross-cutting and overwhelming. So it’s not an easy decision to make – even if you are confronted with the consequences and seriousness of your addiction every day.

So sometimes it’s not enough to be aware that you have a problem. Many addicts need the right motivation to seek help – perhaps from a relative, a work relationship or a professional.

Alcohol test - Test your consumption

Do you drink too much or suspect alcohol abuse?

Our alcohol test can reveal if your alcohol consumption needs attention – Test yourself anonymously here.

We also offer help to the relatives

At Alfa-Fredensborgs, we know that it’s not just the addict who needs help. It is not easy to be a relative of an addict.

As a family member, you bear a great responsibility that you should not face alone. That’s why we also offer counselling for relatives and employers.

So when you contact Alfa-Fredensborg, you’ve taken the first step on the road to a better life – whether you’re an addict or a relative of an addict. You can always call our hotline for alcohol counselling or advice on other forms of substance abuse.

Contacting us is free of charge and we are open for telephone enquiries 24 hours a day – and all enquiries are of course anonymous and confidential.

Scenic surroundings

Effective and professional treatment at addiction centre in North Zealand

Alfa-Fredensborg is an addiction treatment centre with its own in-house rehabilitation clinic. We rehabilitate both alcoholics and drug addicts, and we offer rehabilitation to private individuals, insurance companies and local authorities.

When you come to us, it’s important that you feel welcome. That’s why the residential treatment at the addiction centre is designed with a good spirit and homely cosiness in mind – qualities that both residents and staff cherish.

The two buildings that frame the site originally served as a school home and are therefore also suitable as an addiction centre. The addiction centre is located in safe surroundings overlooking the beautiful countryside of North Zealand – so it’s not far to fresh air and beautiful nature experiences with us.

Alfa Fredensborg

The Surroundings

The two buildings of Alfa-Fredensborg addiction treatment centre have an area of 1700 m2. The park, which surrounds the beautiful old buildings, is 19,000 m2 and includes a playground, outdoor training field, football pitch, forest and large grassy areas.

Fredensborg Castle, shops, a pedestrian street and Esrum Lake are all nearby. The residents of the addiction centre can thus benefit from the local environment in Fredensborg. It allows you to be in residential treatment without losing contact with everyday activities – like shopping, the library, exercise, city life and much more.

Together with our professional and welcoming staff, the beautiful surroundings help to create and maintain the good atmosphere at the centre.

Single rooms and communal areas with space for privacy

As mentioned, starting drug or alcohol rehab is a transnational decision. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable in your surroundings at the centre. That’s why the beautiful old buildings are designed to make you feel at home.

The rooms at our addiction treatment centre are single rooms – and you have your own key to the door. So you can still keep your privacy even if you are in treatment with us.

The single rooms are decorated with a focus on a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. There’s always a chance to have a quiet, private conversation, read a book in peace or enjoy a reflective moment – indoors or out.

Air and plenty of space

Alfa-Fredensborg has a capacity of 28 persons per day in the 1700 m2 area of the two buildings. So there’s plenty of space – you can have company, but you don’t have to deal with too many people while you’re staying with us.

All rooms have TV, internet and furniture, and we have bed linen and towels ready when you arrive. So whether you’re a drug addict or an alcoholic, you’ll have a comfortable stay in treatment with space to be yourself. In this way, you will be in the best position to get out of addiction and have a better life without controlling substances.

About ALFA-Fredensborg

Drug and alcohol treatment

Alfa-Fredensborg is based on 24-hour treatment for addicts – including drug addiction treatment and alcohol treatment. But while the addiction problems are broadly common to our residents, everyone who goes through our treatment is very different.

Our starting point is that all people are unique individuals with different needs. The only thing the residents of Alfa-Fredensborg addiction centre really have in common is that they are trying to make their lives meaningful through drugs or alcohol.

That’s why we work hard to meet each person’s individual needs. This ensures that each resident is given the best conditions for a successful course of treatment. In this way we help each resident out of a lifestyle that has put many addicts on a collision course with the criminal justice system, hospitals, friends, employers and family.

“It has been surprisingly positive with committed open therapists who welcome you, who understand where you are coming from and what it is all about. There is room for everyone.”

Resident at ALFA Fredensborg

Treatment and rehabilitation at Alfa’s addiction centre

At Alfa-Fredensborg we offer addiction treatment. This means that we can help you with withdrawal, tapering and rinsing, and with dealing with addiction and withdrawal and their consequences.

Each stay with us is tailored to the needs of the individual resident. Therefore, antabuse can be offered as part of the day treatment at the addiction centre, if the resident so wishes. However, many studies have shown that antabuse has limited effect. That’s why we prefer to focus on other alternatives that are better placed to deliver effective and sustainable results.

With us you are also guaranteed that religion is not involved in the treatment methods. As an addict or a relative of an addict, you can always seek help from us, regardless of your personal background. The addict is thus assured of a programme fully focused on helping them solve their personal problems of addiction.

Here you will find:

Addiction centre and treatment in North Zealand

Addiction treatment

Almost everyone who arrives at Alfa-Fredensborg has tried to stop their addiction themselves – but they have not been able to do it alone. That’s why they opt for 24-hour detox or detoxification to begin with.

Addiction centre and alcohol treatment in North Zealand

Alcohol treatment

The daily routine and therapy in this alcohol treatment has the same rhythm as our addiction treatment. There is a predominance of mixed addicts at Alfa-Fredensborg, and we address this through our treatment models.

Addiction centers use the HB model. Alfa Fredensborg

HB models

The HB model is a development and treatment model. Here, each resident puts together his or her own treatment programme based on the individual’s self-awareness, dreams, current challenges and wishes for change.

Need help at addiction centre

Need help with tapering and detoxing?

Do you need help to cope with cannabis, alcohol, drug or medicine abuse? Or if you need help getting help for a relative, contact us anonymously and we’ll help you through the process.

Read more about tapering and tapering on Alfa here.