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To Klaus and social worker Marianne

I would like to inform you that Heidi came yesterday to the follow-up meeting.

All I want to say is that you have done a really good job of writing. In addition, you have really helped Heidi with her problems, which are beyond the scope of addiction treatment itself. I am thinking of both the spiritual support in terms of. Heidi’s dental problems and the great material effort of Marianne to clean up Heidi’s finances and to have made a budget for her. And not least the huge work of applying for financial support for the dentists (almost like watching The Luxury Trap live).

Joking aside, Heidi expressed great pleasure and satisfaction at having come to Alfa as a whole and particularly highlighted both your great help, expertise and support.

Greetings from here and good weekend to you.

Kim Bramsgaard

Social worker, Bornholm Regional Municipality

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