The quality of treatment at Alfa Fredensborg is very important to us. Our goal is to score as high as possible on all measurable parameters when it comes to addiction treatment. At the same time, the familiar and present atmosphere will contribute to the residents’ recovery and the good atmosphere in the treatment community.

Here you can see our last score from the Social Inspection in 2018 (the highest score is 5)

tilsynsrapport alfa fredensborg addiction rehab

Here are excerpts of what the supervisor said:

“The social inspector assesses that the physical surroundings of the offer are suitable for the purpose – among other things because there are opportunities for both community and for the citizens to be alone. The citizens express a very high degree of satisfaction with their accommodation and highlight the common areas and sports facilities as places where they like to stay. The social inspector also considers that the location of the facility, including walking distance to public transport, is suitable”.

Socialtilsyn Hovedstaden assesses that the Independent Institution Alfa Fredensborg has the necessary quality in their services in relation to the needs of the target group. The offer is approved according to SEL §§ 66 paragraph 1 no. 5, 101, 101 paragraph 3 and SUL § 141 in relation to the target groups. The framework is 24-hour accommodation according to SEL § 107. The age group is from 15 – 65 years. The staff and management have many years of experience with the target group of citizens who want to achieve drug – or alcohol freedom through prescribed day – or day treatment.

The staff of the centre have both social and health care competences and thus support a holistic approach to addiction treatment. The methodological approaches of the service are based on citizen involvement and combinations of education and psychotherapeutic approaches both in treatment groups and in individual treatment and in combinations with physical training, mindfulness and NADA.

There is a high level of focus on citizens’ health. The diet is an essential part of the regular daily programmes. Daily walks, weekly swimming and other physical activities that support physical and mental recovery.

The service sets objectives for the stay together with the citizens and follows up on these in cooperation with the citizens’ home municipalities – including documentation of results.