As a new treatment option in 2012, Alfa-Fredensborg offers outpatient individual addiction treatment.

Treatment can work independently or in combination with other treatment. Outpatient treatment can be initiated at any point in a treatment programme; from the motivational phase, to an aftercare intervention and as individual support during challenging change processes and high-risk periods in between.

The aim of the service is to meet the unmet treatment needs of citizens who cannot immediately participate in regular treatment programmes or who have interrupted an ongoing treatment programme.

The target group of the treatment offer is thus citizens who:

  • Want to reduce or stop their abuse
  • Needs assessment/clarification before a day treatment programme
  • Have problems managing daily life and therefore cannot cope with a traditional treatment offer
  • Cannot handle being with others in treatment
  • Need an individual and tailored offer
  • Where there are suspected psychiatric or psychological problems behind their addiction e.g. personality disorders, ADHD, anxiety or depression
  • Appear less motivated and show a lack of belief or commitment to change their addiction
  • Citizens who outwardly appear as well-functioning and e.g. are in work or education and therefore cannot participate in traditional treatment services
  • Has discontinued a treatment offer
  • Need concurrent individual support during an ongoing treatment offer

The aim is to clarify treatment needs, motivate and support the citizen to reduce/stabilise addiction, achieve or maintain drug-free status and generally optimise quality of life based on the citizen’s unique life situation.

The aim is thus to reduce abuse and the relatively high relapse rate. Furthermore, it is desired to offer a form of treatment that can accommodate those citizens who currently cannot be helped by the existing services, or need additional help to benefit from other treatment courses.

The offer is targeted at municipalities in North Zealand