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Our cooperation with municipalities in Denmark

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Alfa-Fredensborg works with all municipalities in Denmark. We are approved by Socialtilsynet and we have cooperation agreements with individual municipalities that ensure that we can offer outpatient alcohol treatment as part of the municipal supply chain.

Some good examples of municipal cooperation

14 days in day treatment followed by 6-10 weeks in the municipality’s own day treatment is a model that is gaining ground. Especially in those municipalities that have an outpatient treatment service.

It is possible for all municipalities to approach and have unique tailor-made programmes set up for their citizens.

At Alfa we have been offering individual treatment programmes for many years on parameters such as:

  • Price
  • Content
  • Time
  • Restrictions (screening).

This flexibility in drug treatment has created some wonderful pathways where citizens who were previously largely abandoned are completing their pathways with a significantly higher standard of living.

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Alfa is a professional and highly experienced partner for help and treatment of addictions and abuse.

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Community cooperation at Alfa


Implementation rate

  • Women 29% 29%
  • Men 71% 71%

Citizens in addiction treatment since 2003