Teambuilding course

Our new team building course was recently put into use and several residents were touched by what the exercises set in motion for each of them. At first, many were frustrated by the exercises they had to complete, but as they learned to develop solutions together and to transgress personal boundaries, smiles appeared on most faces.

Without knowing the purposes of introducing team building into the treatment programme, residents have almost repeated these in their own words. Several have mentioned that they have experienced better mental and physical well-being after the training session.

Participants have improved:

  • Collaborating on solutions with others
  • To feel part of a community
  • Building trust in others and letting go of control
  • Believing in yourself and getting there

One resident, for example, came by our office proud and beaming to ask for a certificate for the training session and to say that it was one of the best experiences in a long time.

He had renewed faith in himself and was moved by the positive group dynamic that had emerged.

Team building and addiction treatment

The firebrand behind the project and our teambuilding instructor, who has long fought to bring teambuilding into addiction treatment, is delighted with the successful inauguration of the track:

“There was an amazing transformation during the training from being with a group of passive residents who didn’t want to participate and who had performance anxiety. To a changed group dynamic, where the mood increased as the tasks were solved together.

Cognitively, the residents were transformed by the success experiences into more engaged, caring and happy people. People who are now able to put aside their own limitations to tackle tasks as a group.

At our final evaluation on the day itself, several told us that they had gained new insights into themselves and life that they don’t think about on a daily basis, as well as new confidence in themselves and others.”

We continue to have high expectations of the impact of the teambuilding track and expect it to provide citizens associated with Alfa-Fredensborg and Alfa Copenhagen with many successful experiences for many years to come. And motivation to achieve their goal of a drug and alcohol free life.

Many thanks to the Nordea Foundation and the Fogs Fund for making this project possible.