Getting into residential treatment for your addiction

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In residential treatment for drug or alcohol abuse

It’s not an easy decision to go to treatment for your addiction.

For many, this decision to seek help can be the biggest hurdle to overcome. It must be said, however, that once this decision is taken, most of the work is done. The newfound hope and willingness to change is strong.

On this page, YOU can read about what happens when you come to Alfa-Fredensborg for day treatment.

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residential treatment for addiction

When you arrive at Alfa Fredensborg

Day 1. When you arrive at Alfa-Fredensborg, you will find that several of the other residents come to greet you and the nurse asks you a number of questions about your consumption and health.

From this, you will agree a medication plan with the nurse/psychiatrist to help you reach your goal. You will then be allocated your own furnished room with TV, internet and your own key to the door.

Once all this is done, you are free to spend time with the other residents and take part in treatment activities, or go to your room and relax.

First night’s sleep at Alfa

Day 2 to 7. You are now in the induction phase and this phase lasts one week.

The primary goal of this short phase is to become medically stable, become familiar with the house, get to know the others and the daily schedule.

Your medication will be adjusted if necessary and you will have a consultation with our psychiatrist to discuss your mental state. This is to ensure that those who need psychiatric help get it early in the process and those who don’t can have this confirmed.

Treatment and your new life

Day 8 onwards. This part of the treatment is about relapse prevention from the start.

If you are still under medical treatment, you participate on an equal footing with the other residents. If you are under medical treatment, there is no difference in the degree of freedom. You all have the right to go on weekends and move around the towns around Fredensborg as you earn this.

You earn the right to leave by participating in the treatment programme. Over 15 years, we have developed this treatment programme to ensure you the best possible chance of success. If you just stick to your wish to be at Alfa-Fredensborg – we’ll do the rest.

What happens after my treatment?

We recommend that you continue contact with an outpatient treatment centre after your stay at Alfa-Fredensborg has ended.

This will ensure your positive development when all the trivialities of everyday life set in.

4 stories from former residents


When I came to Alfa

“I came on Alfa, and probably wasn’t quite ready to go for total abstinence. After a small relapse, I realised how much I needed it and decided to go all in. As a result, I completed 3 months with enormous benefits, good friends and equipped for the future”.

“When I arrived at Alfa, I felt bad. My drug was methadone. I smoked a lot of weed on the premises, with other residents. After that I had been kicked out for smoking weed, but I was allowed to stay. Then I got my act together and went for my treatment. I have a treatment time of 4 months and spent 1 month not wanting my treatment. I had my first cleansing day on 7/7, today I feel very well and I don’t want to go back to drugs.”

“What I like most about Alfa is the understanding staff. They have opened my eyes to the person I really am”


I started nervous

“I started out nervous, full of anxiety and lacking confidence. The cohesion is beyond description!

I ended up feeling much more confident and found joy in the people around me. You get ties that you never expected. It surprises you that you not only come out clean, but clean with close relationships in your back pocket. It had all been fantastic. There are great staff and nice people who want the same thing as you – to get clean. Some ties are closer than others, but none are forgotten. Thank you for the opportunity to have a fantastic stay”

“I have felt comfortable from day 1. I’ve had the treatment I needed to be refreshed. I was positive that I/we had so much freedom and could actually have something that resembled a “normal” everyday life.”

“My stay at Alfa-Fredensborg has been very up and down. There have been some challenges with drugs, but I’ve gotten through it. The staff have been nothing but nice to me. I am now finishing my stay with 42 clean days, and it is with great help from the staff and residents. Thank you very much Alfa-Fredensborg.”


Alfa turned my life around

“When I came here to Alfa, my life had totally collapsed from abuse. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to turn my life around by going to Alfa.

After being on Alfa for 3 months, I have got my life back with the help of the good treatment I have received here.

The staff are some of the best people I have met, they have helped me realise things and taught me things about my problem. Today. 26.05.2016, I am 101 days clean.

Without Alfa I wouldn’t have come here, but remember you have to want help for it to work. If you do, you’ll come out on the other side of your addiction.”

“When I arrived, I was so physically and mentally destroyed that I could hardly have survived another 14 days on the ‘racetrack’. I came to a place where there was peace and quiet and a chance to recover for the first time – and then the work began.

It wasn’t long before I felt welcomed and developed a trusting relationship with the staff who helped me through the therapeutic and social practice process. Therefore, I could remain open and sincere in treatment.


Individual tasks helped me

I was presented with individual assignments that hit the spot and I have benefited from them.

I’ve been in many therapy sessions where I’ve been repeated the same phrase: “There’s only one thing you need to change and that’s everything”, which has had a negative impact on me.

Here at Alfa I was met with understanding that not everything is wrong and the words were “It’s ok that you have knowledge and use it”. Thanks for that!

In all I want to say thank you for the help. With the help of Alfa-Fredensborg, I have saved my life and given myself the opportunity to achieve a good life without addiction.”


Implementation rate

  • Women 29% 29%
  • Men 71% 71%

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