How are things at Alfa

How are things at Alfa?

Major refurbishment, great colours and delicious atmosphere

We have carried out a major renovation where most rooms and common areas have been painted and renovated.

Our residents have a good bond and many of them form long-lasting drug relationships.

Over the last year, we have treated over 120 people from 23 different municipalities.

In the last 12 months, the completion rate is 63.6% and the vast majority have continued their course of treatment in the outpatient municipal or private sector after completing 24-hour treatment.

Adapting the target group

To create more calm for the more adult residents, we have created some preferred areas for the very young. This helps to provide more space for everyone.

We have also changed the admission criteria regarding the psychiatric burden of the resident. In the future, it will not be possible to enrol a citizen who is, for example, doubly burdened with psychosis or schizophrenia, unless they are well treated in psychiatry BEFORE enrolment.

Other psychiatric conditions don’t need to be treated, we can help sort that out here.

The reason for this is that we have had two incidents in 12 months where we had to have psychiatric emergency teams out to help a citizen urgently.

This experience can be quite overwhelming for all involved, especially the citizen who is the target of the intervention.

Small friendly groups that find each other and create a new drug-free network

Residents work together individually and in groups to find their goals and dreams for the future. At the same time, they analyse relapse patterns and automatic habits and thoughts that can lead to loneliness or drug use.

Our new treatment curriculum, which includes mindfulness, yoga, mind maps, psychotherapy, coaching and trauma treatment, together give residents a sense of freedom and hope for a new future.

We’re heading into summer and a winter swim team has just formed (even though summer is on its way) ? They leave in the afternoon and get the cold chills in the Øresund. The local gym is also well attended and residents often participate in self-help groups in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

Drugs in treatment

4-5 times a year we experience that a citizen takes additional medication or other intoxicants into treatment. This is so disruptive to the others that it leads to immediate discharge. Drugs are not welcome at Alfa-Fredensborg.

However, relapse on a home weekend does not trigger the same automatic response. It is possible for the resident to return and continue treatment, with a focus on further relapse prevention.

Read more about: drug treatment.

Here are some pictures of the house as it looks in March 2019

How are things at Alfa
How are things at Alfa
How are things at Alfa Fredensborg

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