High alcohol consumption

Result of your breathalyser test

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You have a critically high consumption of alcohol

Based on your test result, you have a high consumption of alcohol and you have probably become addicted to alcohol.

We would strongly recommend that you talk to an alcohol counsellor and get professional help to get out of your alcohol addiction, or help to get rid of the alcohol dependence you are developing.

Since you have chosen to take our alcohol test, you probably suspect that you drink too much, and drink more than you can control.

Alcohol dependence requires professional help

At Alfa, we’ve helped a lot of people over the years – and of course we can help you to a life without alcohol problems.

You are always welcome to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation with a professional alcohol treatment specialist.

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Do you need help to cope with alcohol abuse or overuse?

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High alcohol consumption


Completing their detoxification

  • Women 29% 29%
  • Men 71% 71%

Citizens in addiction treatment since 2003

Offer alcohol treatment at Alfa

What you need and can do varies. That’s why Alfa offers outpatient, day and overnight treatment for all types of drug rehabilitation. That’s why our treatment centre also offers addiction treatment.

In all of our treatment services, you will work with our skilled alcohol treatment professionals to gain greater insight into why you drink alcohol.

You’ll get help to address the underlying issues, so you can find new coping strategies and deal with your alcohol abuse in a more reflective way.

With a better understanding of your behaviour, you can work on preventing your alcohol intake, so that you can eventually abstain from alcohol and live a life free of alcohol abuse.


High alcohol consumption