Enrolment of citizens at Alfa Fredensborg

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Who can be enrolled?

First of all. Call us on 48 40 40 60 and ask for a consultation with our local visitator.


A municipality can register one of its citizens through this form. Typically, this is done by first having a conversation with Alfa-Fredensborg about the citizen and their needs. Once an appointment is made, the case manager from the municipality will register the citizen directly in our Validi Journal system.

Then, Alfa’s doctor will review the submission and in this way the citizen is pre-qualified already before arrival.

NOTE: The case will only be reviewed if a consent form has been uploaded.


Private individuals can register themselves or their family members through this form. The same conditions apply as for municipal enrolment.

It is important that you write as much information as possible so that the doctor can get a thorough overview. The more information we have, the less complicated the treatment process becomes.


Many people now have insurance through their workplace, and through this it is possible to get treatment for alcohol or drug abuse at Alfa.

The procedure is that after an interview you write yourself or your relative through this form. Inform the insurance company and we will call for a medical consultation which, through the insurance, can form the basis for payment of the stay.

We have both day treatment and outpatient treatment, so it is possible to get a holistic offer with a high success rate.


Click on this green button and get enrolled directly in our anonymous and private medical record system.

Why this procedure?

To ensure that we have the necessary legal data on a future resident before they arrive, we ask that this form be completed BEFORE the resident is accepted to arrive at Alfa-Fredensborg.

The completed form is sent to our secure email and is also read by the company doctor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 48 40 40 60.

Alcohol dependence in Denmark


Implementation rate

  • Women 35% 35%
  • Men 71% 71%

Alcohol addicts in Denmark

Relatives and addicts get help at Alfa

We offer professional help

If you need help dealing with an addiction or dependency yourself – or if you need help getting help for a relative, contact us anonymously and we can help you through the process.