Day treatment

day treatment at AlfaWe offer residential treatment for alcohol and drug addicts between the ages of 18 and 60. In addition to the adult day treatment, in 2013 we set up a small Youth Treatment for young addicts aged 15-17 from all over the country.

We use cognitive therapy and mind maps as a model of change and primary treatment tool alongside mindfulness, elements of the U18 model, U-turn and MST-SA, NADA, EMDR, and psychotherapy.


The family and relatives are involved in the treatment process during admission and we recommend that this continues during the subsequent course.

Being in residential treatment at Alfa-Fredensborg is like staying in a hotel and being in addiction treatment filled with therapy, education and socialising with the other residents. To alleviate the feeling of over-preservation and give residents the chance to show that they can take responsibility, we have introduced the concept of “freedom under responsibility”, just look at our rules.

Important to know if you are new
Almost everyone who arrives at Alfa-Fredensborg has tried to stop their addiction themselves, but they have not been able to do it alone. That’s why they opt for 24-hour detox or detoxification to begin with. At Alfa-Fredensborg you are not alone with your problems. Our professional staff and friendly residents will help you through your residential treatment when it’s difficult. The family atmosphere in the house means that as a new resident you will quickly settle in and feel comfortable.


You all have the same goal: to become drug-free and have a meaningful life without the mess you had when you arrived. But you are all very different people with different stories, feelings and experiences. The only thing you have in common is that you “solve” your problems with drugs or alcohol.
We help you find new solutions to your problems by offering therapy, counselling and a treatment environment where personal development is paramount.

Just got tired of the abuse? Then you are welcome here at Alfa-Fredensborg

Outpatient treatment pays off and there are many benefits to having a good foundation to build on before moving to outpatient treatment. We recommend everyone who has completed their day treatment to participate in some form of aftercare. It is very easy to fall back into old habits after a stay, so it is important to have someone to talk to.

Online finishing

We offer online therapy and counselling for those who need it. This form of treatment is also used in healthcare, and is called telemedicine. We have been developing our online treatment since 2012 and you can read more about it here.