Outpatient treatment at home

Alfa offers outpatient alcohol and addiction treatment

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Outpatient treatment for alcohol and drugs

Alfa-Fredensborg offers outpatient individual addiction treatment or mentoring under ยง85 based on the citizen’s own home.

The treatment offer can function independently or in combination with other treatment.

Outpatient treatment can be initiated at any point in a treatment programme; from the motivational phase, to an aftercare intervention and as individual support during challenging change processes and high-risk periods in between.

Treatment in your own home

The aim of the service is to meet the unmet treatment needs of citizens who cannot immediately participate in regular treatment programmes or who have interrupted an ongoing treatment programme.

The aim is to clarify treatment needs, motivate and support the client to achieve or maintain drug freedom and generally optimise quality of life based on the individual client’s life situation.

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Outpatient addiction treatment

We offer treatment for a wide range of addictions

  • Hash
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • MDMA
  • GHB
  • Amphetamines and various pills

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The aim of outpatient treatment is thus to reduce the relapse rate and to offer a form of treatment that can accommodate clients who cannot currently be helped by existing services or need additional help to benefit from other treatment programmes.

The approach is to prioritise individually tailored addiction treatment, with a focus on relationship work. The fact that the client is met, seen and consulted in their own environment means that direct and targeted support can be initiated immediately.

How does the treatment work?

The practice is thus;

  • An individually designed programme, based on the client’s own home with several visits a week by a therapist from Alfa-Fredensborg
  • Clarifying, supportive and motivational interviews, screening and assessment of treatment needs, support and assistance with relevant practical measures, psychological and drug education, and therapeutic interviews.

Your therapist helps all the way

In addition, the outreach worker can act as a coordinator and participate in meetings and appointments with relevant partners, such as the employment centre, criminal justice system, addiction centre, etc.

Throughout the process, there will be social counselling and the possibility of psychological/psychiatric supervision and NADA acupuncture in cooperation with Alfa-Fredensborg.

Outgoing treatment of Alfa
Outgoing treatment

Get professional help for addiction

We offer help for alcohol withdrawal as well as drug rehabilitation.

If you are a relative of someone with alcohol or drug abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help getting them into alcohol treatment, residential treatment or other addiction treatment.