Abuse-free hostel

The College at Alfa helps homeless people who want a drug-free environment




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Alfa College

For those who have become homeless, or do not have a place to stay on their own. Alfa Kollegiet is a place where residents are supported to live a meaningful life without homelessness.

This separate department is located in the main wing of the institution. You are welcome to share the common areas with the other residents, but you also have your own area to be in.

If you are over 18, you can apply yourself. Alternatively, your local authority can also help you with a referral.

  • You must have experienced a social dislocation and either be unable to stay in your own accommodation (functionally homeless) or be homeless.
  • You must have one or more of the following social problems: drug addiction (with a desire to stop) or former drug addiction, mental illness, somatic illness, unemployment or similar.
  • Drug-free in Alfa College means exactly that you do not use intoxicants or you are in stable medical drug treatment, without consumption of other intoxicants besides the medication.

How can you start?

  1. Upon enquiry about possible enrolment, a meeting is held with the social worker, the manager and you. Here your mental state (treatment, medication, etc.), finances, addiction (treatment, substitution, current addiction, wishes for the future), somatic needs (medication, course of treatment) are assessed.
  2. The manager then decides whether further information is needed, admission or refusal.
  3. You may be asked to comply with requirements during your stay. This can be, for example: participation in external addiction treatment, U-test for suspected alcohol – substance intake, psychiatric treatment, savings for housing deposit, medication, etc.
  4. Upon enrolment, consent is obtained to exchange information with relevant actors and a temporary residence plan/orientation letter is prepared and sent securely to your home municipality within 3 days of enrolment.
  5. It also finds out whether you have e-mail, e-Boks, NemID and online banking.
  6. Rules/expectations for you during your stay are reviewed and provided in writing.
  7. You must move your address to the shelter, and you must apply for cash assistance if you come from another municipality (If there is already a case in the municipality of origin, this must be contacted before the address move, so they can decide whether to continue as the municipality of action).
  8. Within 4 weeks after enrolment, we will send a residence plan to the municipality of origin and an invitation to a meeting at the hostel.

Expectations for stay

You must arrange your absence with the staff and you cannot be away from your room for more than two nights at a time.

If you do not respect the agreements or cooperation we have made, we will ask you to move and at the same time try to help you find a place in another hostel. You will at least get a list of other §110 offers which you will have to contact if we do not manage to find a place together.


Danish law applies on the spot, of course. Therefore, we do not accept:

  • violence or threats of violence
  • trafficking in drugs or precursors
  • effects that can be used as weapons

You may not consume alcohol or drugs in the offer. This may result in the immediate termination of your stay.

Smoking is not allowed in the room or indoors in the common areas, please refer to the smoking rooms on each floor (and outdoors).


Get help now

Problems with homelessness?

Get help here.

In some cases it is possible to bring your dog.

We help you get a grip on

  • Housing

  • The economy

  • The psyche/emotions

  • The Future

Contact about a place in Alfa Kollegiet

For enrolment contact:

Johanne Henriksen
Tel. 48 40 40 60
mail: jsh@alfa-fredensborg.dk


Jørgen Maltesen
Tel. 48 40 40 60
mail: jm@alfa-fredensborg.dk