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What is a Recovery Coach?

A privately paid addiction counsellor who follows, supports and motivates.

A Recovery Coach helps where no one else can. It can be devastating for a family to see one or more of its members become addicted. To see your child or adult perish and become a completely different person from the one you knew before is devastating for a family.

When a family tried to solve the problem themselves, they had nowhere to go if things went wrong.

But it’s over now!

Our offer of a nationwide personal addiction counsellor, is an offer to families who want to pay for the entire treatment process themselves, or simply want help they seek through insurance or municipality.

A Recovery Coach is a specialist in treatment

A private addiction counsellor is a person with relevant training and long experience in treating people with substance use problems.

He has a large network of professional therapists and treatment centres at home and abroad.

A Recovery Coach can help the alcohol or drug addict to be well prepared for possible treatment. In many cases, the cooperation with a Recovery Coach can last for a long time and often the Recovery Coach is also part of the new life shortly after the treatment.

A private addiction counsellor also acts as a support for the family while the family member is in treatment.

Treatment at home and abroad

It is possible to collaborate with a private addiction treatment provider for treatment services both in the country and abroad.

Working with the family, the need for treatment is identified and the necessary actions are initiated. If the family member would prefer to be treated abroad because of challenges with anonymity or a desire for a quality not available in Denmark, the private addiction treatment provider will help with this.

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to find out more about the possibility of a private addiction counsellor. We work with all quality treatment centres in Denmark and a few in Europe and Asia.

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I was somewhat suspicious and didn’t think my problem was as big as it was made out to be. But after I met Jørgen, everything turned upside down. I could feel the hope for a better future growing in me. His humour could do with a bit of polishing, but his knowledge of addiction has helped our family tremendously.

Erik H

Deputy Head