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Here are some highlights from the monitoring report and our overall score at the bottom.


“During the inspection on 11 September 2019, the social inspectorate had a special focus on how the offer works in a holistic way. It appears from the inspection that the offer – both in the assessment and the further addiction treatment – includes social and health care interventions. Citizens may be assessed to a greater or lesser extent when they are admitted to the offer. Regardless of the level of assessment, all citizens are offered an interview with the offer’s doctor for assessment of addiction-related challenges of a somatic and psychological nature.

All citizens are also offered an interview with the offer’s social worker, who also makes an addiction-related assessment with focus on job/education, family, network, finances, etc. This, in combination with the municipality’s action goals, forms the basis for a treatment plan. During the process, the citizen’s treatment is discussed at internal meetings and there are also regular conversations with the citizen about the treatment plan.

To the extent that the citizen has goals that require cooperation with external actors, the offer offers to support the citizen in this. It is thus the social inspector’s assessment that the offer provides holistic addiction treatment.

At the inspection on 11 September 2019, another focus was how the citizens’ self-determination and participation is supported by the offer. Interviews with citizens show that they experience a high degree of influence both on an individual level in relation to their own lives, but also in relation to everyday life at the service. Weekly meetings are held where citizens have the opportunity to make suggestions for activities, for example. There are also conversations between citizens and staff, where the citizen’s treatment plan is discussed. When the status is sent to the visiting municipality, the citizen is a co-signatory.

Overall, it is the social inspector’s assessment that the offer supports the citizens’ opportunity for involvement and influence on their own lives and everyday life in the offer.

The social inspectorate assesses that the offer has a competent management that focuses on adapting and running the offer in relation to the demand from municipalities and other actors. This is reflected, among other things, in the fact that the offer has several different services such as addiction treatment in a day care setting, addiction treatment as day treatment, outpatient addiction treatment and hostel services. The manager is aware that it requires a lot of clarity in relation to the target group and the services that are visited for.”

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Physical framework

“The social inspector assesses that the physical surroundings of the offer are suitable for the purpose – among other things because there are opportunities for both community and for the citizens to be alone. The citizens express a very high degree of satisfaction with their accommodation and highlight the common areas and sports facilities as places where they like to stay. The social inspector also considers that the location of the facility, including walking distance to public transport, is suitable”.

“Citizens express similarly high levels of satisfaction with their rooms”.

“It is the Social Inspectorate’s assessment that the location of the offer is suitable for the purpose. The residents have the possibility of shopping etc. in the vicinity and there is a short distance to public transport. The social inspectorate notes that the citizens express high satisfaction with the physical environment and facilities of the offer, including sports facilities. Also the common areas and the garden are appreciated and emphasized by the citizens”

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